Learn the basics of mixing (Online workshop)

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Maybe you are looking at this from a producer's perspective?

How do I produce that Kick..?
How do I get a wider mix..?
How can I get it to sound so crystal clear..?
And what is all this talk about mono/stereo mixing-
and why is it STILL relevant..?


Maybe you are looking at this from an artist's perspective?
You've just finished recording your long hard-practiced song or vocals. But when you press 'play' to listen to all the recordings together in one piece - it all sounds
muddy or, even worse when compared to the reference mix tracks - thin and tinny?

So how exactly do I get my mix sounding professional?

 By adjusting certain controls in your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and also by using specific techniques, such as layering or mid/side EQ (Equalizer), it is possible to take your music to the next level and make it stand out!  
Depending on your expertise level, after the 2 hour online course 
you will see and hear a difference between your original track and the newly mixed recording.

After purchasing this package I will contact you to arrange a date. Please note this is an online course and will be held over an exclusive Discord-Server!

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