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Have you just finished recording your song and are looking to bring it to the next level? Then this package is for you! For 125 € / Song I will mix up to 10 Stems. (Stems are the audio files you send me to mix --> these can include multiple instruments in one stem, eg. drums..).

A lot can be achieved by having the right mix.. depending on which genre you are in, I will use mixing technics accordingly. The following technics are used by producers around the globe and are common for industry standards:

  • mid/side eq
  • sidechaining
  • mono / stereo mixing
  • limiting
  • loudness 

Feel free to check out my references on Youtube, Spotify or TikTok under MCT Music Productions for my Piano Songs and Beats for rappers..

or my Artist profile EMCETI for EDM Tracks.


Before you book this package, please get in touch to discuss further procedures. 

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